junk foodThough, It is called foods. But really in the actual sense they don’t qualify to be called foods but can be categorised as junk intakes. This is so because the real essence of the food we eat is primarily to nourish our body systems and organs in order to keep them healthy and alive, while the secondary essence is to fill our nagging empty stomach. One attribute of low profile foods is that they are foods with little or no nutritional value to the body and are just taken to fill the stomach only.

Some features of these foods are:

  • Most of them don’t pass through fire or cooked
  • They appear insensible to the intellect
  • Most of them are of strange combinations of unlike terms.

Examples of such low profile or junk foods are:

  • Drinking Coke with Soaked Garri
  • Eating Bread with Coconut Sachet Water
  • Drinking Fanta with Peanut
  • Chewing palm kernel nut with Garri
  • Taking Biscuit with peanut and Sachet Water
  • Taking Popcorn with Bread and Coke, etc.

People who commonly take this kind of foods in our society are mainly students in the campus from poor to mid level family, bachelors who cant cook for themselves, poor homes who cant afford good foods and people who like to try some crazily new.

Eating such often consequently leads to poor body immune state whereby the body is malnourished and cant fight diseases appropriately as it should.


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