Legal advice is a counsel given to a person that is in written or oral form, it treats matters relating to legal issues that may affect the rights and/or responsibilities of the person being advised.

Only a qualified lawyer can give legal advice, while legal information can be given by anybody. Just as it is illegal for a non-lawyer to represent someone other than himself in the law court so also it is illegal for a non-lawyer to give legal advice.

How to find a legal adviser

A solicitor can give legal advice or refer a client to a barrister. You can also go directly to a barrister without a passing through a solicitor. You can visit law chambers in your locality to get a solicitor or a barrister. In Nigeria, there are mobile courts and lawyers now readily available to handle legal issues and they charge very less for their services, sometimes you don’t have to pay a dime to get their services.

When to get a legal adviser
You can seek for the services of a legal adviser when you have been arrested by the police, when going into a partnership business, when you are involved in a land dispute or marital problems to mention a few. Don’t forget that justice delayed is justice denied. So don’t hesitate to get yourself a legal adviser today.


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