To keep your laptop working well, it is necessary for you to know how to take care of your computer properly. The following steps will help your laptop work well and require less maintenance.

Keep your laptop away from dusty places. Dust is not good for your laptop as it can clog up your laptop’s fan. To keep dust away from your laptop, don’t bring it out of the laptop bag if you are not ready to use it.

Don’t keep liquids that you are drinking close to your laptop as it might spill and damage your laptop. If you must have a drink near, use a covered cup for your drinks.

Laptops generate a lot of heat therefore protect your laptops from direct sunlight and heaters.

Use an antivirus on your laptop to protect it from virus.

Proper cleaning materials should be used to clean your laptop, not household cleaners.

Don’t pick up or hold your laptop by the screen to avoid damaging it. Doing this could scratch the screen, instead lift the laptop from its base.

Avoid cables trailing all over the place to avoid your power cord being yanked off your laptop. Tuck away your cables neatly to avoid people tripping over it.

Don’t leave your laptop in the car, as temperature changes can spoil it.

If your laptop gets damaged, don’t try to repair it yourself. Take it back where you bought it from to get it repaired.

Don’t put heavy objects on your laptop as it can push the screen onto the keyboard and spoil it.

To prevent loss of data, back up the files on your laptop regularly.

Keep and use your laptop in a well ventilated room.

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