Robot Nao

A Japanese bank, Mitsubishi UFJ will employ a multilingual robot called ‘Nao’ to start work in its Tokyo branch in April. The robot is 58 centimetre tall and was developed by a French company called Aldebaran Robotics owned by Japanese telecom and technology giant SoftBank Corp.

Nao can answer most customer service questions in 19 languages, analyze customer’s emotion from their facial expression and tone of voice, greet customers and ask for the services they require. The robot also has a camera on its forehead.

Some of Nao’s communication includes ‘Hello and welcome, I can tell you about money exchange, ATM’s, overseas remittance and opening a bank account.

Another robot, Pepper which was developed by Aldebaran started working at SoftBank’s stores in Tokyo last year. Pepper is 120 centimeter tall and it has been deployed to around 90 stores. It is also more mobile than Nao.

The robots were developed following the prime ministers speech that the country should embark on a robot revolution to counter the depleting workforce and boost work growth.

Mitsubishi UFJ is of the opinion that Nao will be able to handle the trickiest of customers and should be able to work more efficiently, this is because robots will be able to cope with 24 hour banking which human beings cannot handle.

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