Building on the fact that “Intelligence is the ability to acquire and apply knowledge” and that intelligence can be analytical, creative or practical, we would see a level of intelligence in almost every animal on earth.

Lizards may not hit you as intelligent animal but considering the fact that they were never raised by a mother yet they learn to avert danger and fetch food for themselves, we would say they posses some practical intelligence.

I bring this example because I hear a lot of argument amidst young people that seem to carry the theme that ‘intelligence no dey detamin who go make am’ (pidgin English) meaning intelligence does not determine who will become successful. This is totally untrue! It is true that there are people who were considered ‘dumb’ in school that made it in life and some who were considered ‘intelligent’ that have rather disappointed their abilities; however, intelligence is so important that it is the only factor that has enhanced the continuity of the human race despite the threats and harsh conditions they were faced with in the early ages.

Here is a hard to swallow fact: If you want to survive in life you have to be intelligent!

Intelligence-or a lack of it- is what has made dinosaurs extinct while their cousin, the lizard still flourishes. During the Stone Age, intelligence helped man to understand the world he found himself in, develop tools that would help him survive and dominate the world. Without intelligence, we would have all been extinct but man’s ability to adapt, something that was a direct product of his intelligence made him survive.

In this 21st century, it is easy to think that intelligence isn’t crucial for survival since there are no lions competing for food with man and since there are no rhinos crushing our kids to death. Nevertheless, it is only the ‘players’ that have changed but the ‘act’ remains the same.

It is intelligence that made Charles Babbage to begin his quest for a computing machine. Analytical Intelligence made Bill Gates big bucks. Intelligence has immortalized Mozart. Yesterday, at the park I saw how intelligence is making the job of a ‘bag boy’ easier for a kid.

In conclusion, Intelligence can save you a lot of stress, make your life easier and prosper you like no prophecy can. Let’s get intelligent!

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