We all know the consequences of paying attention to one aspect of life and forgetting the other aspects. A man who is obsessed about getting rich and never makes time for family will eventually lose his family in the same way that a farmer who is more concerned with the application of fertilizers to his farm without weeding it will lose his crops. This is the same with intelligence.

If one gets too concerned about gaining mathematics skills and logical expertise without worrying about emotional and social skills then he is headed for doom like the farmer who keeps applying fertilizers to his farm without considering the ever increasing population of weed that are thriving therein.

People say that the very intelligent ones never make it in life and that is almost true if they spend their time studying mathematics and not looking to apply their knowledge to solve the problems of the day. Basically, Intelligence will only benefit you if you seek means to apply it to help people.

In order for your intelligence to help you, you should like and support ‘Change’. You should find people fascinating. Without being too judgmental, you should know the type of people to keep around you should know yourself- your strengths and your weaknesses.

The ability to take a stand and say No when you need to may come in very handy. You should be ready to delay gratifications for a common good. Then forgive and forget instances where you where hurt else the pain and negative energy will keep you down.

These skills are things that you should learn alongside feeding your mind to make you ready for success when she comes knocking. Somebody once stated that success is born only when opportunity meets preparation.

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