lifeWhat do you regard as most important in this life?

Is it your academic pursuit?, wealth?, a good husband?, a good wife?, a luxurious house?, a posh ride or fleets of latest model cars?, a booming business with branches all over the world? A cool and well paid prestigious job?, a famous politician, well known round the globe?, a titled chief with several wives?, an actress well known all over the world?, an actor or artist?.

Whatever that you regard to be more important in life, surely one important thing we should know is that life is too short to be lived without the knowledge of our spiritual being.
That is to say that, for example, if you are an actress, don’t live your life like as if acting is the only thing that matter on earth. If you are an actress find time to take part in the things of the church, in soul winning activities, choir activities, others are like assisting in human capacity development programs, etc
If you are a professor in a higher institution, do not spend your entire life acquiring certificates upon certificates, because there is no other life in the grave, Find time to indulge yourself in the things of church, be active and faithful.


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