9-Steps-to-Repair-Your-Damaged-Hair_05Our hair gets damaged without us even realizing it. In the process of maintaining our hair, we end up causing a lot of damage to it. Our hair is delicate therefore, we need to learn how to treat it with care.

Blow drying hair on high heat is bad for the hair. The best way to dry hair is to air dry it. If you have to use a dryer to dry your hair, then let it be on low or medium settings.

Brushing the hair constantly breaks off hair, this is because the pulling of hair during brushing loosens the hair from the scalp and the hair strand is torn bit by bit.

When your hair is tangled, work out the tangles gently with a detangling comb and take your time to do it slowly so that you don’t harm your hair in the process. Do not leave your hair for several days without combing as it will tangle and this leads to hair breakage while combing.

Changing your hair colour often damages the hair. If have to colour the hair, ensure that the former colouring grows out of your hair before you colour it again. A good alternative to colouring hair is using henna or hair rinses.

Trim the ends of your hair when it is weak, don’t leave the hair because you want it longer, it is better to have healthy hair instead of long weak hair.

Instead of using rubber bands or using hair bands made from harsh plastic, use cotton lined hair band. They are gentle on the hair and do not allow hair to break easily.

Scrub your scalp when washing your hair. Scrubbing stimulates hair growth and keeps the hair follicle healthy.

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