Today, I am going to share how I installed these two printers on windows 7 and 8. I have not tried it on windows 10,  but this procedure should work for it as well.

The update

The drivers for these printers are no longer available on HP website; printers directory but the explanations available are how you can connect your USB cable, by using ‘add a printer’ through Devices and Printers, find your printer in the lists or click update printers (windows update) button if you cannot see your printer in the lists of printers.

Does it work ?

This procedure never worked for me till I got an old software (driver) that I will share the link below. It’s a driver for Deskjet 1280 but it works for Deskjet 1220c as well!.

What to do

When you’re installing this driver, put ON your 1280 printer and plug the USB cable, the printer will be ready for use immediately after install. Remove the USB and plug that of 1220c while ON, it will automatically create a copy of the installed, each one for each printer, you can rename the copied version that work for 1220c if you wish.

How to Install

1. Download the file in the link below

2. Unzip it

3a. Go to printers settings option (Devices and Printers) and click ‘Add a printer’

3b. Click ‘Add Local printer’

4a. Choose  ‘ Use an existing port’ and click the drop down select box

4b. In the select box, you’ll see in the menu option among the drop down lists ‘USB001…’, choose the USB001….

5. Click next to go to the next page.

6a. Manufacturer column, choose HP

6b. Instead of updating printers lists button option (windows update), click to install/choose from Disc/disk/CD or ‘Have Disk..’ button

6c. From ‘Install From Disk’ pop up, click browse to

7. Find the directory where you unzipped the driver.

8. If your PC is 32bit click on 32 bit folder otherwise, click on 64 bit folder.

9. Double click the visible file ‘hp…’ or click it once and click okay/open, the “OK” the Pop up menu

10. Click next to install and that is it. enjoy.

=>Driver here<=

Remember to share your experience with us, if it works for you also.

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