prevent oily skin

When the skin produces excess oil, it can lead to acnes and other skin problems, even though the body produces oil to help the skin remain healthy, overproduction of oil is bad for your skin. There can be a series of reason why your skin is producing so much oil. If your glands produce a lot of oil, it can be controlled by using cleansers and astringent, you can control the excess oil your face secretes.

Scrubbing the face too hard irritates the skin of the face and makes the face produce more oil to make up for all the natural oils that were scrubbed off. The proper thing to do is to wash the face gently.

Do not use hot water to wash, it irritates the skin and strips the skin of its natural oil. This makes the skin to produce more oil. Instead, wash your skin with warm water.

Oily skin is hereditary, there is a probability that you will also have oily skin if your parents have it. Genetically oily skin is prone to break outs and clogged pores.

When the seasons change, the skin tends to produce more oil. Excess humidity and moisture makes the skin sweaty thereby producing more oil.

When the body is stressed, it responds by producing more androgen hormones which leads to production of excess oil in the body.

Sun tanning increases oil production on your skin by temporarily drying out the skin first, it then sends an injury response and this causes the sebaceous gland to increase oil production to protect the surface of the skin.

Hormonal changes are responsible for excessive oil production. The androgen hormone in women keeps fluctuating throughout their lifetime. This fluctuation occurs during pregnancy, before menopause and after menopause.

Oily skin can be controlled by taking the following necessary steps.

When cleaning your body, don’t scrub too hard so that you don’t wash away the natural oils produced by your skin, instead wash gently.

Use warm water in place of hot water to clean your skin.

Clean your make up before you sleep with a gentle cleanser.

During the cold season when your skin is drier, use a gentle cleanser for your skin. Use a stronger cleanser during the hot season as the skin brings out more sweat when it is hot.

Instead of oil based cosmetics, go for powder or mineral based cosmetics.

When buying cosmetics watch out for the ones labeled as ‘non comdogenic’. These are oil free and water based cosmetics that doesn’t block the pores and cause spot.

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