Caring for your natural hair takes work but when done properly, you will have healthier and longer hair. By following the methods below, you are on your way to having healthy natural hair.

Don\’t use shampoo to wash your hair all the time, as it dries out natural hair. Use conditioner to wash it. If you have to use shampoo, try mixing equal parts of shampoo and water together. Make sure you massage your scalp well while washing the hair.

Keep your hair moisturized with organic products and avoid petrolatum and mineral oil which can dry out your hair. Use natural oils like shea butter, castor oil, coconut oil and almond oil.

Deep condition your hair every three to five days and seal in moisture with any of the natural oils that were mentioned above. Make sure you moisturize the ends of the hair as well so that you don\’t have damaged ends.

Reduce the number of time you use heat styling products on your hair. You can make it two times a month. When you need to use heat styling objects use protective moisturizer or a good serum before styling.

Use protein treatment such as egg or aphogee protein treatment for your hair once a month. It will strengthen your hair and help prevent it from further breakage.

Tie your hair with a silk scarf or use a silk pillow case so that you don\’t lose all the moisture in your hair overnight.

Comb your hair when it is wet and use a wide toothed comb or just detangle your hair with your hands as too much combing breaks the hair.

Trim your split ends and don\’t use rubber bands to pack your hair, instead use a ponytail holder.

Using these tips, you will discover that natural hair does really grow well.

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