Some people don’t like having their pictures taken simply because they believe they are not photogenic. Looking good on camera doesn’t happen naturally to a lot of people, it takes some practice to ensure that your natural beauty is reflected in your pictures. With these methods, you will begin to love the way your pictures turn out.

Find the right foundation for your skin tone. If your foundation is too pale, it becomes obvious when the flash from the camera hits your skin.

Use brightly coloured lipstick as this tends to brighten your smile.

If you always blink while your picture is being taken, shut your eyes as the picture is about to be taken and open them slowly just as the camera is about to click.

Avoid double chin by elongating your neck and turning your head slightly and dropping your chin a bit so you don’t face the camera squarely. This will make your cheekbones look prominent.

Try putting your tongue behind your teeth while smiling for the camera. This trick helps you to avoid having a grin that is too wide.

A few drops of eye drops will help make your eyes look brighter and more awake in your pictures.

To get a slimmer overall look, try the red carpet pose of resting your hands on your hips, angling your body to the side and turning your head towards the camera

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