Sleep is important for our mental and physical health as it makes one feel rested everyday. If you are getting lesser hours of sleep than is needed for your body, it can affect your health, alertness, mood and even weight. Sleep is beneficial to the body in the following ways.

Health Benefit of Sleep.

1.  Sleep can help to reduce your risk to certain serious diseases as research has shown the link between inadequate sleep and serious health problems like obesity, diabetes and heart diseases.

2.  Sleep keeps you relaxed by reducing stress levels in the body and lowering blood pressure which arise as a result of wear and tear on the body.

3. Your memory is improved after a good night’s rest because the brain organizes the memory and  processes new information and gives you better understanding.

4.  It aids a good sex life because when you are well rested, you have energy to be sexually active. Inadequate sleep
makes you tired and evidence has shown that this can be associated with lower testosterone levels in men.

5.  Adequate sleep helps you concentrate better. A lot of people have trouble concentrating when they don’t get enough sleep and they end up struggling to stay awake during the day.

6. Getting enough sleep puts you in a better mood. Insufficient sleep can make you cranky, agitated and moody. Studies have also shown that insufficient sleep can lead to depression and anxiety.

7. Indeed, adequate sleep can help you control your weight. Inadequate sleep can make you tired and tired people are always hungry as a result of lower leptin levels. They therefore resort to eating high calorie food.

The benefits of sleep to the body are numerous, therefore, if you are having insufficient hours of sleep due to one reason or the other, make adjustments as sleep can improve the quality of your life.

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