Sports activities has a lot of benefits to our mental and psychological health. It provides one with the opportunity to nurture physical fitness and develop social interaction skills.

Health Benefits of Sports

The health benefits of sports include the following:

  1. Sports enable you to get exercise which contributes to good health and physical fitness which is as a result of burning more calories in your body.
  2. Engaging in sports help in the prevention of some chronic diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, cancer, obesity and osteoporosis
  3. Taking part in sporting activities improves some mental health conditions such as depression, emotional disturbance, anxiety and psychological distress as it helps in the release of some ‘feel good’ chemicals during exercises which makes people suffering from this conditions feel better and happier about themselves.
  4.  It helps build self-esteem and confidence which in turn improves your self-image. Also, leadership attributes are developed by taking parts in sports.
  5. Character value such as honesty and fair play are taught
  6. Engaging in sports makes one excel in academics.
  7. It improves the quality of your sleep as it tends to make you sleep faster and deeply at night.
  8. It helps in improving concentration as the ability to think and learn are sharpened.
  9. It helps develop social and communication skill through team work. Leadership skills and other hidden abilities that lies within people are also developed.
  10. Participating in sports strengthen the bones and muscles. It also increases your stamina and endurance.
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