Most people with African hair think their hair is not growing. This is not true because people with relaxed hair normally have to keep up relaxing new growth which shows that the hair grows from the root, however keeping that growth seems to be the problem.

Our hair grows by 1/4 or 1/2 an inch every month. African hair is delicate and needs to be managed with care and little manipulation. In some cases, the hair is simply having stunted growth problems. The following reasons might be responsible for your hair not growing long.

Bad hair practices damage hair. Using hot styling equipment on hair, dying the hair often and relaxing hair frequently are practices that make our hair seem to not be growing. The hair is simply breaking at the tips because it is weak, which means that even if you are having new hair growth at the root of your hair and the tip is breaking off, the hair will not grow long.

When trimming of hair occurs often due to weak hair ends, there is no way the hair can grow long.

Over manipulation of hair will make you keep losing hair. During detangling if not done gently, your hair will keep coming off. Combing the hair when it is dry and using combs with narrow teeth will make hair break off and not grow longer.

An unhealthy diet will affect the rate at which your hair grows. Your hair is as good as what you eat.

When you use shampoo in washing your hair often, it strips your hair of its natural oils. Also most shampoos contain sulphate which has a drying effect on hair.

Often times, your hair is not growing because of an underlying health issue such as psoriasis of the scalp, eczema or dermatitis.

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