paypal and nigeria

paypal and nigeria

Congratulations to Nigerians as PayPal the world giant for e-payment processing company now gave Nigerians a leap in the e-business world.

What was Nigerians offence?

Couple of weeks ago, if you visit PayPal website and select to see the countries they serve, you would not find Nigeria and some other countries in their lists. Notwithstanding, It’s no longer a new story that PayPal regards some countries which Nigeria is inclusive as high risk countries due to the large number of fraudulent activity reports in those countries which led to their denial for many decades. They legally refuse merchants and buyers of such countries to use their country issued Credit and Debit cards on any of PayPal platforms.

The adventurous Journey without Paypal

Though, it has not been easy but I believe Nigerian e-market is thriving even without PayPal cum with the fact that they now operate in cashless policy, as they use different e-payment alternatives and one of the most used is “2checkout” which allow them to accept payments internationally with a reasonable fees.


Nigeria is a big Catch for PayPal

Nigeria is now included to the lists of African countries they serve to allow buyers from Nigeria pay for goods and services using their Nigerian issued cards like Visa and Master cards or Buy and Send payment with their Paypal account on merchants website that use PayPal as their payment gateway. See Nigerian Paypal page here 

Giving Nigerians this opportunity without doubt benefits Paypal more; Nigeria market opportunity is large having increasingly large number of enthusiastic buyers/shopper willing to shop online.


The bottle Neck

Presently, Nigeria merchants operating from Nigeria cannot legal own a PayPal seller account, for a reason I don’t know yet. You may say they are testing if Nigerian has repented haven passed through decade of international e-payment and e-business discrimination or you may say they believed accepting Nigeria buyers would be secure and controllable than accepting their Seller/Merchants, nevertheless, whatever plans they have accepting Nigerians Merchants, sooner or later; the future would unveil.

Is there other country in the new list?

If you know any other Country that was recently included in Paypal lists with same or different privilege, kindly share with us when posting your comment below.

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