Nub Mistakes in the Bud!

“This article continues from the part 3.”

Now that we are all aware of how President Goodluck Jonathan surrounded himself with people that were not of the same ambition with him, friends that were not loyal and subordinates that did not fear or respect him, we would examine another part of this cankerworm that ate up the root of his presidency, so much so that it became easy for the opposition to uproot his government.

I would like to restate here that the purpose of these articles are not to intimidate or dent the person of president Goodluck Jonathan or any person at all but to study this historical event in the politics of Nigeria together with Nigerian youths and pick for ourselves lessons that will benefit us in our day to day activities and maybe in our own future presidencies.

The president’s defeat at the recently concluded election stems from a number of factors and among these factors was the fact that he was incapable to crush or at least control the Boko Haram insurgency. However, if we were to be objective about this, we would remember that even America couldn’t crush Al-Qaeda in four years. Every war against insurgencies and terrorism, especially those of Islamic origins take time.  But his incapability-which is somehow normal-was amplified aided by the fact that he was considered weak. But it is not a crime to be weak; it is not a crime to be uncharismatic. Hell, in every disability, there is ability. So, why did Goodluck Jonathan’s ‘in-ability’ lead to his demise?

He did not correct these assumptions or mistakes when they are still budding.

When the president noticed that people assumed he was weak, his whole focus should have been the correction of that assumption by tackling a problem that only the strong could tackle. And what could show more strength than the crushing of the Boko Haram insurgence? Or stabilizing the Electricity problem of Nigerians?  Yet he didn’t. Then came a period when soldiers were complaining of being under armed and sent to die. I remember clearly that they were convicted of abandoning their post of duty, sacked and jailed. Yet Aljazeera reported the news differently. It reported it as “The Nigerian government sacks soldiers over the government inability to provide arms to tackle insurgency” Do you see how the news was carried??

Do you see where Doyin Okupta or Ruben Abati was supposed to do something? Yet the president did not aggressively look to correct misconceptions or mistakes neither did he correct them before they are formed or fully conceived and this lead to his ultimate demise.

So, if you are looking to be a leader in business, family or even in your education,

Nub Mistakes in the Bud and Protect Your Image as Much as You Can!


***************The End*****************

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