Up and away is a special kind of hair style for ladies in general. It can be worn to the office, to wedding occasions, to parties etc. It is a universal hair style and can fit in into any event.One special feature of this hair style is that it goes all kinds facial structures, that is , it is not structure sensitive as some hair styles do. It can be worn by a lady with a round face, oval face, oblong face, square jaw face, etc.
How to fix this style, first get a blow-dry hair straight to creat a foundation for the style,


Use a tall comb and comb the hair up into a ponytail,don’t worry if it is not perfectly smooth,this adds to the effect, use a hair bond to hold the ponytail.

Using your hand twist your hair randomly into a circle and fasten with hair pins, use the tall comb to tuck in the hair ends at the bottom of the bun-closed to the scalp and secure with pins.GOING UP AND AWAY-2

Use a pin and pull down small pieces of the hair from the sides and top centre front of your hair and finish with a shine spray.GOING UP AND AWAY-3

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