Even though the web was developed to help people around the world share information, the most preferred form of information sharing was
developed years later in what is today called the social media. By now, almost everybody with an internet access has heard about social media and I know some users that could lecture computer engineers about social media due to the time they put in it but this article is not going to discuss how to get social but also guideline to remember while getting social on the web. So let’s dive in.

Social media is a new avenue on the web that is making more and more popular by the day. I think social media alone has drawn more people
to the internet than the awesomeness of the web itself. Social media fosters the ability to engage and share with a community of people that you can build and grow. The interaction and engagement is the at the centre of social media. It gives you the ability to interact with a large number of people all across the globe including the ones on your street. This ability to engage a large variety of people in great number gives social media its universal appeal and the popularity it is getting amidst individuals, businesses and even causes.

Like every other engaging tool, social media has its advantages and disadvantages. There have been happy stories about how social media has been used to leverage small businesses to a worldwide audience and
also sad stories on how scandalous pictures and videos of good people have been exposed on social media. So how can you harness only the positives of social media and avoiding the disadvantages?

i)     Don’t post information or news that you wouldn’t want your parents, employers and family to see. If you know something to be
false, don’t post such. In a case where it is necessary to share such
information, pictures or video, change your privacy settings,

ii)     Use common sense and good judgment in adding people to your network. A single post of nudity or any other insanity by a friend may cause you to loose respect and credibility

iii)  Be respectful. Some of your conversation with your friends can be viewed by all who are in your network and or networks you belong to. If you insult or deface a tribe, religion or person, you may not know who is also reading your posts

iv)    Social Media is forever. Whatever you post on social media stays on the internet and the servers of the hosting the web service you use even after you delete your posts and account. So… don’t fall prey to upload pictures of the wild parties you have as you may regret them next year.

v)       Be a valued member. When you join social media, make sure you are contributing not hijacking and derailing conversations with unrelated stuffs.

vi)      You can’t trust your private worries/ concerns to the public

vii)     Be sensible, Be transparent

viii)    Respect intellectual property rights.

ix)       Minimize security risks.

x).       Build your brand through your interaction. Social media can be good for career and business. While you are out there sharing pictures and funny posts, you can also build your brand up.

These are the ten commandments of getting social on the web!

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