Some years back, it was an excuse to say that I didn’t get no education because my parents were poor. Nowadays anyway, one can no longer use that as an excuse thanks to the web. If you or anybody you know feels  that he is disadvantaged because he cannot afford a college education, then good news is here: there is something called the web.

Education and schooling go hand in hand, so many people think that since they did not go to school, they can’t get an education but education and schooling are not the same thing. Schooling is just a formal form of education where individuals are taught in a classroom about subjects based on a curriculum.

However, one can be educated without schooling . And most of the intelligent and powerful forces that this world has seen did not have any form of formal education. Today it is easy to get an education thank to the web. The web, in recent years, has collected some materials from the world best schools and has placed them online for free. So,  there is really absolutely nothing that can hinder you to train and become a better engineer than a graduate from a Nigerian university as you will be going through the same training the best American universities have.

Whether you want to take the whole college program or you just want to learn a few things about something, these are some of the best sites to get yourself an education and make something better of yourself:

i)  The Open Courseware Consortium- Course lectures from MIT

ii)  The Khan Academy- A nonprofit tutorial center for math and science courses

iii)  Academic Earth- The idea is similar to that of the Open Courseware Consortium, although it’s slightly smaller

iv) Wikiversity-  The university of Wikipedia

v)  Straight from Universities- another aggregation of university lectures and courses.

vi)– a great site to learn little about everything

So start visiting these sites and expand the horizons of your tomorrow.

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