Before we begin our discussion, let us do this exercise: How many customers or sales  do you think you need for your business to be successful? One hundred, one thousand, Ten thousand, a hundred thousand or maybe a million sales?

If you sell pure water for five naira per unit with a profit of one naira for every unit sold and you get one thousand customers in a day, which translates to a profit of one 1000 naira per day.  in a  month, you will get 30,000 naira. Now that is the salary of some state government teachers. What if you  get to ten thousand people in a day?? You will be raking in ten thousand naira 10,000per day and that is three hundred thousand per month 300,000. That sounds like you are getting a better deal than most bankers. Do I need to tell you what you will be making if you get a hundred thousand sales per day?? Well you will make more about the same amount a college professor makes in Nigeria.

Well, the web gives you the power to multiply your daily sales by unimaginable amounts. With over a billion users of facebook and 500
million users of twitter, we see a very large market. An ability to meet the whole world with your products and services and that is what the web is giving small business owners.

Today, people often turn to the Internet first for information about things they are looking for. And if you can give them the information they seek and offer to sell them the products they need, you are up for a surprising outcome. whether they are shopping online, or simply looking for information about certain problems they may be encountering, people tend to trust a business that have a web presence and most importantly a site that could solve their problems
first then sell them a product.

Consumers are looking to connect with companies more than ever, and
establishing an online presence through a website, blog or social channels
provides a great way to fulfill this desire. Maintaining ongoing communication and providing updates on company initiatives and promotions through digital channels helps companies reach a broader audience to create and strengthen relationships and build trust, which is critical for creating the all important customer loyalty and company relevance.

To create a powerful web presence, you have to know that a web site is a breathing living thing that works every day , every week and

every time. As such, it will evolve and you need to feed it like you will feed any pet of yours. This pet however is very useful one and could keep you smiling to the bank and your business expanding daily. To make your site a money making site,

Make it Easy for prospective Customers to Access and use Your Site
Keep Your Audience in Mind at All Times
SEO (Search Engine Optimization): Make Sure Your Customers Can Find You
Marketing Online: Promoting Your Site
Manage Your Customer Relationships

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