high cholestorolThere are some foods that lower cholesterol levels naturally. They are called “cholesterol busters”. Your cholesterol can be lowered naturally by eating such foods.

Replacing your morning meal with oats for breakfast is good for lowering your LDL cholesterol level. This is because oats contain beta-glucan, a substance which absorbs the cholesterol in your in your body which is then passed out as waste.

Soya foods help to lower cholesterol because they are naturally low in saturated fats. There are special proteins in it that helps the body to regulate its cholesterol level.

Salmon has omega-3 fats and it helps prevent heart disease and a host of other diseases. It is a good source of fatty acid for lowering cholesterol level in the body.

Nuts are a rich source of vegetable protein, fibre, magnesium, potassium, vitamin E, heart healthy unsaturated fats and other plant nutrients that are beneficial to the body. A handful of nut per day lowers the cholesterol level by almost 5 percent.

Fruits and vegetables help to lower the cholesterol level in the body because they are low in saturated fats. Food like potatoes, brocolli, apples and strawberry are sources of food low in saturated fats.

Garlic helps lower cholesterol level and also fights against a lot of other diseases in the body. Eat between 2-4 cloves daily.

Olive oil has heart friendly monounsaturated fatty acids that lower cholesterol level and also helps trim belly fat.


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