Fixing   of hair weavon is   purely a ladies   affair even though some men seem to be trying their hands on the profession. But no matter how hard the guys try to catch up in fixing hair weavon , it still remained an all ladies affair. Ladies fix weavons for various purposes, either to look modern, attractive, classic and generally beautiful. A weavon hair itself   is a synthetically made hair from   plastics designed to look like a ladies natural hair but in a more shiny, glossy and sassy texture, which when applied to a lady’s   natural hair, makes the lady look sassy and gorgeous.

There are many ways to fix a weavon depending on the style you want to wear. To fix a weavon you start by first relaxing the hair with a cream relaxer so as to soften the natural hair and prevent dandruff.


Weave the natural hair vertically as   shown below, making sure that the paths are straight and clear to make a neat work. By this time you must have   gotten ready your needle and black thread for the fixing. Note that colour of the thread must always be black no matter the style you are fixing.

Then start attaching the weavon hair to the woven hair horizontally from the back up to the front where you now define your   style. Either centre parting or side parting, whichever one you want to wear. Make sure you straighten the weavon hair as you stitch it or attach it. Then after attaching it, use a weavon comb to comb out the hair and attempt trimming out ruffled pieces of the weavon hair to make it look neat and uniform.

Looking good can be cost intensive, but when you learn the skills yourself will actually save you some money because some of these weavons get entangled easily and once they tangle, loses its loisture and shiny looks making it look faded and old. Therefore in order for these ladies to keep up with their sassy looks, fix weavons twice, thrice or more weekly.


Fixing of weavons are   most usually done in ladies hair salon, but at times some prefer doing it in their homes for those who have learnt the skill of fixing weavon. Actually the act of fixing weavon is not such a big deal as long as you keep to the rules in order to do a great job and a perfect finishing.

We have so many types of weavon hairs in the market such as, Chinese weavon hair, three-in-one weavon hair, super curls, shortcuts, Brazilian hair, Italian hair, dreadlocks, etc

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