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Tall Alexis Skye

Being a tall woman doesn’t make it impossible for you to turn heads or make a fashion statement wherever you find yourself.  To dress well as a tall girl, you just have to make the most of your sexy long legs and flaunt your height with stylishly and in a classy way.

 WEAR BEAUTIFUL SHOES: As a tall woman, It’s the reaction other people have when they see your immense height and they have to check your feet immediately to determine whether you’re wearing heels.  Take advantage of all the extra attention your feet receive. It doesn’t matter if you prefer heels, flats or athletic shoes, just choose beautiful shoes that deserve to be stared at.
 WEAR HEELS: Heels seem to add confidence, sexiness and status to any outfit, and if 6’5″ former professional basketball player Lisa Leslie can rock the high heels, there’s no reason you shouldn’t, too.
CREATE A WAIST: Always create balance in your figure so that you don’t look like your body goes endlessly up and down. Use belts over layered tops, cardigans and jackets to break up the body. Use statement necklaces to break up the length of your long torso and create more interest in your outfits. Accessories are great for giving the eye a point of interest and on a long body this will mean that the eye has lots to attract its attention to and detract from the height.
A nice high waist flared trouser would look elegant and chic on tall women with a small heel, with a blouse or tee tucked in to the waistband. Trousers with soft pleats or pockets on the hips will also add shape to your legs. Wear longer length blazers which are a key trend right now and layer over t-shirts and shirts with the sleeves rolled up for a more casual take on this classic piece.
Don’t wear all over baggy outfits. It will only serve to make you look bigger.  If you prefer to wear looser fitting styles, try balancing your outfit by wearing wide leg trousers with a well fitting top, or skinny jeans with a tunic or sweater. Well fitting doesn’t have to mean tight.
Don’t be afraid to rock patterns and bold prints. Tall women are actually good candidates for wearing bold pieces since they are less likely to get lost within their outfits. You can tone it down by sticking to just 1 bold piece. Pair a bold top with neutral bottoms, or a bright patterned dress with a plain cardigan or jacket

 FLAUNT YOUR LOVELY LEGS: Don’t be scared to wear short skirts or shorts. Short-shorts are a fabulous way to flaunt your best feature. Or a flowing skirt if you feel uncomfortable.
When selecting tops, avoid necklines that are too close to, or hide, your neck – such as crew necks and turtlenecks. Doing so accentuates your long torso in an unflattering way. Instead, choose button-down shirts, or tops with V-necks, scoop necks, or ruffles to visually break the length of the torso, and direct the eye toward design details and jewelry. If you do wear turtlenecks, always accent with a beautiful scarf or an interesting, long necklace.

Tall women are beautiful.

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