Looking good is not about the wearing the latest dress, but about dressing yourself in a way that makes you feel comfortable and shows off your features. Being plus-sized doesn’t mean you can’t look good. There are some dresses a plus sized woman would rock and a slim woman wouldn’t, and vice-versa. Below are fashion tips for plus sized women;

Dark colors hide, while light colors highlight. So if you like your waist, wear a light belt over a dark shirt. If you want to hide your bottom half, wear dark pants and a lighter top.

As a woman, you should know what colors look good on you. A flattering color can make your skin tone glow, while the wrong one can make you look sallow and washed-out.

Dress for your body type: If you’re a rectangular shape, you may want to create shape with your clothes. If you have an hourglass figure, then you want to show this off. Pear shapes might want to stick to separates and choose clothes that balance out their silhouette.

Stay away from tight clothing. Tight clothing on a plus sized body will exaggerate your weight. Better, get clothing that will fit you and forget about the size tag. Even if it means you need to start wearing plus size women’s clothing.

Avoid oversized clothing too! Most larger women choose oversize clothing. The idea here is hiding their body. But the truth is they are only drawing more attention to their body. Your clothes must skim your body, no matter what your size or shape.

Keep Your Accessories in Scale: Just try to imagine a very heavy set woman with a small purse. It will just make her look bigger. If you are a plus sized woman, you need to have heavier accessories.

If you are plus sized, you can both take advantage of high and low waists. With wearing a high-waisted dress with a slimmer waistline, you will accentuate your curves better. You can even use a belt. On the other side, if you’re wearing pants, a lower waist could be a better choice. Wearing pants which will sit low on your hips would help to hide your belly.

V-neck tops are looking especially wonderful on plus sized women. If you like comfortable with it, you can wear a slightly deeper neck too.
Curvy women are beautiful.

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