A woman’s choice of clothing, make up and cosmetics can highlight her sense of style, enhance her best features, and keep her looking fresh and full of life. But sometimes these decisions can backfire: an ill-fitting dress that stretches and sags in all the wrong places, or a shade of makeup that accentuates fine lines and wrinkles.
Women, sometimes dress in a way that makes them look older than their age and they may not be aware of it.

DRESS YOUR SIZE: Wearing a clothe that is too big will make you look frumpy, while clothing that is too small will show any extra pounds you may be trying to hide. Buy items to fit the largest part of your body then have them altered to fit the smaller areas.

Putting on ale and dull coloured outfits always tend to make you look bland and boring! They can actually make your face appear to be drained out, making you look unexciting and tired. So, unless you have vibrant accessories and makeup to match, do not opt for pale coloured outfits if you don’t want to look older than you are.

Wearing the wrong style or size of footwear can also make you look much older than your actual age. Make sure your shoes are never mismatched with your outfit. Heels always add to your style and make you look younger and slimmer than you are. If you don’t wear heels, make sure the flat footwear you choose is very stylish. Wearing running shoes or flip-flops with every outfit can make you look older than you already are.

Your bra is important!Make sure your bra fits properly. Recent studies say85 percent of us are wearing the wrong size, which probably means you could use a fitting. The right bra size can instantly lift and smooth your chest, giving you a flattering silhouette from the get-go.

Avoid the classic stereotype of a granny with kooky reading glasses dangling on strings from her turtleneck. Instead embrace the sexy age of geek chic. Opt for thicker, Ernest Hemingway-style frames and leave the delicate wire-frames or rimless frames behind.

Your dress sense says a lot about you. Stay beautiful.

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