Electricity is a major resource used world wide. There are certain places in the world where they can’t do a day without electricity. Though very dangerous if not well utilized, but very useful in carrying out domestic and industrial activities.

Methods of electricity generation

Electricity can be generated from various resources; some of these resources are renewable while others are not.

The most popular Renewable resources that are used in generating electricity are:

Sun light (solar energy):  This is used in generating electricity but the electrity has limitation. For example, it can’t be generated at night hence must be stored in order to use it at night.

Hydropower: this method of generating electricity involves building dams in rivers flowing with high current.
Electricity generated through this means serves for industrial and domestic purposes..

Non-renewable sources of generating electricity include; coal, crude oil, natural gas, propane and nuclear fission. These resources are used to power heavy duty machines which in turn generate electricity.

Effects of renewable and non-renewable sources of electricity

  • Generating electricity from renewable resources has a great advantage over non-renewable resources. It doesn’t pollute the environment.
  • Non-renewable resources that are used for generating electricity end up polluting the environment. Though they are more affordable than renewable resources.
  • Renewable resources has limited capacity and are mainly for domestic or house hold purposes except hydro-power
    generation while non renewable resources can be used for industrial purposes.
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