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The Energy Institute has stressed the need for the Federal Government to increase the use of renewable energy sources in its energy mix in a bid to improving power supply in the country.

The Chairman, Energy Institute, Mr. Osten Olorunsola, who stated this at the Continuing Professional Development programme organised by the institute in Lagos, said, “We have no choice. What we have to do as a country is what every other country is doing; we need the mix of all energy types; you need coal, gas, renewable including solar.

“We need all because the fact is that you cannot use one to reach everybody; there is no reason why the whole of the northern Nigeria should not be bubbling with solar energy.

“For example, we don’t need to start sending gas to the North but we have not thought about all these and that is why we are where we are now. However, there is even a global initiative that even compels Nigeria to also be looking in that direction; so all those agreements, which we have signed on are going to be monitored from now on forward; so, we really don’t have a choice.”

He also said, “In the energy business today, the real problem is that we have a lot of skills gap, and so we are basically using EI as a platform to help brush up and sharpen the capabilities of all our engineers or any energy related professional.”

Olorunsola said the EI was using its platform to close the huge skills gap in the energy sector by building the capacities of engineers and other energy-related professionals.

“This is the first CPD this year. Bringing young people together, helping them sharpen their professionalism, sharpen their skills. We have a lot of young people who have all come out of school and they are all engineers.”

The Managing Director, EI, Yewande Abiose, said the programme was aimed at bringing together students, graduates and affiliate members of the institute to expose them to the best way they could develop themselves.

“We are promoting good practices within the energy sector, oil and gas, power, renewable. We want to encourage these people to begin to get recognition, not just in Nigeria but internationally,” she said.

Also speaking at the event, a chartered engineer at Total E&P Nigeria Limited, Mr. Chinedu Ogwus, said the programme was aimed at developing young professionals, especially engineers in the nation’s oil and gas industry and allied sectors.

Highlighting some of the benefits of being a member of the institute, he said, “You can register your company in the Energy Institute and use the institute’s logo. You can have access to online libraries and how to gain professional membership.”

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