After looking at the Five Keys to becoming good at Mathematics, its important to know that all these keys centres around learning Maths. To become good in Mathematics we must be willing to learn the subject and here we will look at Five Effective Ways to Learn Mathematics.

1. Classes Are Very Importation: While you can study maths on your own, attending classes are very essential. Listening to your teacher and paying attention to your instructional materials enhances understanding of the subject. Taking down notes of examples, questions and their solutions also help in understanding what you were thought during review sessions.

2. Ask Questions During Class: Asking questions during classes help clarify any issues you might be having with the topic. The teacher should be in a better position to put you through any difficulty you are having in any area of the subject. It is advisable you also prepare your questions ahead of time especially during your study session.

3. Do Home Works/Assignments: Most maths classes have take-home works or assignments. These home works is to help the student practise and try out what have been taught in class. Student should ensure they do their home work. Home work helps the student to practice and become familiar with the different problem set ups.

4. Study: While attending classes is very vital in learning maths, it is not on its own enough to make you a good student of Mathematics. You must match your classroom attendance with enough study time where you review what was taught in class, solve related problems from text and highlight area of difficulty where you will need to ask the teacher for further clarification in subsequent class. For effective study, make sure you have good maths textbook(s), class notes, assignment papers and other materials as may be required for proper understanding. Practice and solve a lot of problems during your study periods while jotting down problematic areas or question where you will seek further clarification from your teacher.

5. Try Different Methods: While studying, it is advisable to learn and understand different methods of solving a mathematical problem. Every topic/problem in maths has more than one way of finding the solution. E.g In solving Equations, you can either use the substitution method or the elimination or graphing method. As much as you are adept at using a particular method, also try to learn how to use the other methods.

6. The Extra- Know Your Formulas: Most mathematical question demand you use a certain formula to arrive at the solution hence, having a great knowledge your formulas wouldn’t be out of place. Caveat: Don’t just cram the formulas, learn how to derive them. Every formula is derived from a set of constants and variable. Start with the simple formulas before moving over to the complex ones as most complex formulas are derived from the simple ones. Knowing how to derive the formula does not only make you have a better knowledge of the topic/subject it also gives you a better insight into its application.

We don’t study mathematics like we study other subject by flipping through pages of text, cramming and memorising long lines of sentences, rather we do mathematics, we solve mathematics and we find solutions to mathematical problems.

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