Drug abuse

Drug abuse


The use of harmful, habit-forming drugs is a growing problem in the world today.

Although alcohol and tobacco are legal in most Countries, both are habit forming or addictive drugs. They contribute to the poor health and death of many millions of people each year. Alcohol abuse causes enormous health, family and social problems throughout the world. Cigarette smoking has for many years been a major cause of death in rich countries and is now becoming an even bigger cause of death in poor countries. As more people in the rich countries stop smoking, the tobacco companies have turned to the “The world” as the new and easiest market.

In addition to alcohol and tobacco, many people in different parts of the world are using illegal drugs. These vary from place to place and include; marijuana (weed, pot, grass, sin semilla, mota, hashish and ganja) Opium (Heroin, morphine, smack) and Cocaine (Crack, snow, rock).

An increasing problem among poor children in Cities is the sniffing of chemicals, especially Give but sometimes paint thinner, shoe polish, gasoline and cleaning fluid. Also some people misuse medicines- especially certain strong pain-killers, stimulants and appetite control drugs.

Drugs can be swallowed, injected, and smoked chewed or sniffed. Different drugs create different affects on the body and mind. Cocaine or kola-nuts may make a person feel energetic and happy, but sometimes later he will feel tired, irritable and depressed. Some drugs like alcohol, opium, morphine and heroin may at first make a person feel calm and relaxed but later they may cause him to lose his inhibitions, self control or even consciousness. Other drugs such as Marijuana, PCP, LSD and Peyote make a person imagine things that don’t exist or create dream-like fantasies.

People usually start taking drugs to escape the hardships, forget the hunger or calm the pain in their daily lives. But once they start, they often become hooked or addicted. If they try to stop they become miserable, sick or violent. In order to get more drugs, they will often commit crimes, go hungry or neglect their families. Thus drug use becomes a problem for the whole families and communities.

Some drugs such as Cocaine and heroin are very addictive, a person may try the drug only once and feel that he needs to keep taking it. Other drugs become addictive after longer periods of time. Addiction is a dangerous trap that can lead to health problems or even death. But with determination, effort and supports, addictions can be overcome.

Few suggestions to help solve the problems of drug- use and addiction

Be as helpful and supportive as possible to someone trying to overcome drug use. Remember that their difficult moods are because of drug abuse not because of you.

  • Members of the community who have been addicted to drugs but have overcome the habit can form a “supportive group” to help others trying to give up alcohol or drug abuse.
  • Families, schools and health workers can tell children about the dangers of cigarettes, alcohol and drugs. Help children learn that there are other, healthier ways to “feel good”.

Warning: Use of cigarette, alcohol or other drugs by pregnant woman can harm their unborn child. Also injecting drugs using the same needles for more than one person spreads dangerous diseases such as hepatitis and Aids.

In summary drugs are harmful substances which are not supposed to be legal in Countries.

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