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Among other factors fear is the strongest one that paralyzes many people from speaking in public. They are so much afraid to fail that they refuse to try, they have forgotten that nobody is perfect. The best way of overcoming fear is doing those things you fear. Fear normally manifest in two ways, namely fear of failure and fear of rejection.

These facts will help you stand on your feet, always have in mind that no human being is perfect except GOD HIMSELF. We are likely to make mistakes , even those that have been speaking for years, even professors when you listen to them, they also make some grammatical blunders. So don’t kill yourself if you commit one.

Secondly, don’t be so afraid when you stand in public, knowing fully well that the worst outcome will not kill you or deprive you of anything but the fact that you are able to stand up and say something is all you need to break the barrier Even when you didn’t speak well, don’t worry with time you will improve, practice they say makes perfection.
The fear of failure is conditioned response learned in childhood. Everyone has a certain amount of this fear. It causes you to be prudent which in moderation is good. But when fear of failure is carried too far, it can be a major obstacle to your success in public speaking.

First affirm to yourself that you can do it, this affirmation short circuits and cancels out the feeling of I can’t do it.   It is a powerful, fast-acting application of the law of substitution. Then do the things you fear to do by start speaking in public. Use   your specific fear as a challenge, instead of backing away from it or avoiding it,  confront it and face it head-on.

As practice makes perfection and a journey of  a thousand miles start with a step, a body is said to be rest until a force is applied. You need to apply that force for your  dream to come alive. Nothing is accomplished by mere wishing and waiting, you have to give it a push first. He who wakes up and finds himself great, have not  been sleeping.

Start by involving yourself in classroom discussions, peer group discussions, debates, etc. Gradually your confidence builds up from there. Then as you associate more and more with people, interact positively with  them, you will notice that stage fright will  gradually fade away or will not have any hold on you even when you are addressing a   massive crowd. But most importantly improve on your vocabulary and language skills.


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