Natural honey is gotten from bees. It has a lot of beneficial purposes because of its antiviral and antibacterial properties. It is used in beauty treatments, cooking, used for health issues and it is used in a lot of hair treatment
procedures. There are adulterated honey being sold in the market which will not give the benefits of the natural honey, so how does one differentiate between honey that is natural and the fake ones out there.

There are three different types of honey. Natural honey which is gotten from bees, adulterated honey which is a mixture of natural honey and some other ingredients and artificial honey which is made of sugar syrup or corn syrup, other additives and colouring. To differentiate natural honey from fake honey, do the following to test the honey.

Rub honey on a piece of paper, if the honey is natural it will not perforate the paper for a very long time but if it is the adulterated or artificial honey, the paper will become wet. This is because real honey does not contain any water.

Put a few drops of honey where ants can get to it. If the honey is natural, the ants will not come near it, because bees put an additive to protect their honey from insects. Adulterated and artificial honey always attracts ants.

Dip a match stick in honey and use it to strike a match box. If it is natural honey, the fire will ignite and burn off the honey. If it is not natural honey, the match stick will not ignite because it contains water.

Put a tablespoon of honey in a cup of water. Natural honey will form a lump at the bottom while honey that is not natural will dissolve in the water.

If you have purchased honey which does not pass any of this test, you have to consider buying your honey from another source, if possible buy your honey from a bee farm.

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