Body odours are bad smells that emanate from any part of the body. This smells are offensive and occurs when you sweat and odour causing bacteria act on the sweat. Anti-perspirants can be used to mask these smells by reducing sweating on the armpit, but you have to be careful with using them as sweating is a way of removing waste from the body.

What causes Body Odour?
Poor hygiene can lead to you having body odour. Some medical conditions and drugs like venlafaxine can also be responsible for causing odours in the body. Other factors responsible for causing odour in the body include stress,
menstrual periods

How can body Odour be Controlled
There are ways you can eliminate the cause of bad odours in the body without loading tons of chemical products which interfere with natural processes in the body.

Bath properly at least once daily and focus on areas where sweat accumulates like your armpits, under the bosom, genital area and the feet.

Shaving hairs on the armpit is important to controlling body odour as the hair can create an environment for odour causing bacteria to live in.

Rub apple cider vinegar or white vinegar on your armpits to reduce bacteria causing odours.

Witch hazel is a natural antiseptic that can lower the skins PH, therefore dab it on your armpits to prevent body odours.

Apply baking soda on the part of the body with odour. The powder absorbs moisture and kills bacteria causing odour.

The juice of freshly squeezed lemon will create an acidic environment in which bacteria cannot thrive. Rub the juice on your armpit and leave it on.

Eat leafy greens like kale, brocolli and lettuce which are good sources of chlorophyll or take tablets containing chlorophyll. It acts as a natural deodorizer and leaves you smelling good.

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