Spyware is a software installed without the owners consent. It can be installed on your computer, as an application in your web browser or it could be a mobile application in your device.

Spyware is a computer programme that can put your personal information at risk. It is used by cyber criminals or external third party developers to snoop and steal private information which is used in cyber theft or sold outright to third parties.

It gives away personal and confidential information to an attacker. Information such as browsing habits, purchases, credit card information, log in details and password.

Spyware is installed on a user’s computer unknowingly as an attachment to a programme which the user downloaded and installed. It can also get into your computer when you visit a compromised website or you download an attachment in an email.

Once installed on a computer unknowingly, it can steal your personal information which can be used for identity theft by creating a profile imitating your identity. It can also crash your computer and make it very slow. Your computer’s setting and home page can also be changed by spyware.

To prevent spyware from getting onto your system, do not download programs and don’t open email attachments that are not useful to you. Using a good antivirus with detective capabilities can also be used to prevent spyware. If your system is already infected, security providers offer spyware removal utilities to help you identify and remove spyware from your computer.

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