Curls look good on the hair and a lot of women will do anything including heat styling all the time to make this. There are other means to get curls in your hair as heat can damage the hair. Discover how to get curls naturally by doing the following:

Braid your hair after washing, and while it is still damp braid it. Alternatively, you can wet dry hair with some water and braid it. Plait your hair in one big braid or two to achieve loose curls and several smaller braids to achieve tighter curls. Leave the hair overnight and loosen it in the morning to get curls in your hair.

Twist curls can be achieved by twisting the hair while still damp. The hair can be twisted in one or two parts for loose waves and smaller twists for tighter curls. Sleep in it overnight and loosen the twists in the morning.

Place an elastic headband on your hair and working in sections, wrap your hair into the headband until all the hair has been secured in the headband, you can use hairpins to hold the hair after wrapping in the headband. Sleep with your hair in the headband and remove it in the morning and shake out your curls.

Flexible rods also called flexi-rods can be used to curl dry or wet hair. Part your hair in sections and wrap it round the flexi rod in the manner rollers are used for hairs in salons and bend the edges of your flexi-rods to hold the hair in place. Use it to roll your hair overnight and remove it in the morning for the curls to form.

With these methods, you can avoid using heat styling equipment and still have fabulous curls in your hair.

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