No matter how successful an individual maybe, no matter how peaceful a home look, no matter how happy a couple seem, no matter how close to heavenly things our hearts can be, every individual, every  home, every couple and every society harbors a cross- a burden that torments it. These burdens could be desires of ours, a condition of discomfort or a lack of ability that makes us look inferior in our communities. Basically everybody has got lice under his hat.

These burdens, crosses, lice come in different forms. To some, there are pretty noticeable, to others they cannot be known until disclosed by the bearer. To some, these crosses are permanent one-they don’t go away- and to others, they are temporary and periodical. To some they are disabling and to others they permit for a normal life. However, irrespective of the form in which they come, they have one thing in common and that is the fact that they are a cause of so much unhappiness, dissatisfaction, self pity and pain.

Another common pattern with crosses that we must bear in life is that it could make us loose ourselves. Consider the case of a young man who cannot get an erection after an accident. His secret burden may drive him to alcoholism, drugs and other vices in a bid to fill the void in his soul. But does losing one’s self work? By no means!

Now, I don’t want to sound like the stereotype ‘Positive Mental Attitude’ nonsense that everybody is peddling these days but I have noticed that  would want you to noticed that when a player begins to perform well and score goals in a league, the opposing team also assigns their best player to tackle him. This means the oppositions, attacks and
molestation you are experiencing is an indication of the value of the role you are to play in God’s grand purpose.

History is full of men who faced so much peril, troubles, oppositions and threat but still went on to become very important people in their time and beyond. From Aki and Pawpaw to Abraham Lincoln to Thomas Edison to Budha and even Our Lord the Christ are examples of men whose crosses brought them so much glory during their lifetime and beyond but one very touching example is the apostle Paul. In his letter to the Corinthians (2 Cor 11:25-28)
he describes the cross he had to carry daily. One cannot help but be amazed by all the things he accomplished in his lifetime.

In another Letter, he disclosed the secret of how he transformed his cross to the beautiful crown we all admire. “…forgetting what is past and focusing on the future” was the whole recipe.

How profound that until we hold a vision of tomorrow, we can never get past yesterday’s future. Begin to plan for, live for and anticipate a beautiful future my friend and things can only get better.

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