Coconut  rice tastes and smells deliciously different, the presence of coconut milk makes coconut rice a delicious delicacy you would love to eat and should know how to prepare.  It’s  a perfect meal most times to prepared at  home or buy at a good fast food centres,  hotels,  restaurants  and   even opt for at occasions, especially when you’re in need of a good substitute for white rice.


Depending on how large you want to prepare, for 6  cups  of  rice:  use 8  pieces  cooked beef,  1  and  half  cups shrimps,  3  small size  fresh  tomatoes,  6  small  size  fresh  pepper, 1  medium  size  onion,  four  garnishing  carrots,  four   garnishing green  pepper  or  peas,  5  teacups  coconut  milk,  seasoning like 2  maggi  cubes,  1  liter  of water and salt  to  taste.


Boil  the  coconut milk  for  about  10  mins,  add  the  cooked  beef,  cleaned shrimps  and  maggi  cubes, then   add  chopped   tomatoes,  onions ,    salt  and  pepper  to  taste.

Parboil  the  rice  and  add  to  the  boiling  coconut  milk ,  cook  rice  till  is soften for  40 minutes ,  reduce  heat  and  simmer till  the  liquid dried  up.

Garnish  very  well  with  carrots,  green  pepper  or  peas,  then  serve  hot, more also, you can  dress it on your dish with some sliced cucumber, boiled eggs and cooked beans.


The   rice   is   rich   in  carbohydrate,  starch and   fibre  whereas  coconut   is  very    rich  in  fibre  amongst  other, it is  very  good  in  aiding  the body  system  to  digest  foods   prospering.  It is advisable that  persons  on  drugs,  should  avoid  coconut   because  it  is   a   natural  neutraliser that  may  affect  the  efficacy   of  the  drugs.

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