The Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) was launched in March 2001, to ensure that all aviation consumers obtain the best services possible in air transportation. The main mission of this body is to serve as the eagle eye of the industry by being responsible for informing, educating and protecting consumers as well as ensuring the provision of quality services in the aviation industry in Nigeria.

To forward a complaint to the NCAA, the passenger may follow the following steps:

  1. Obtain a CONSUMER PROTECTION Complaint/Suggestion Form from any Consumer Protection cubicle/service desk, Complaint/Suggestion box or NCAA office, or use the online WebForm; or fill a Non Punitive Report form.
  2. Complete the form or write a regular letter of complaint, stating precisely the complaint and the desired redress; or send a mail to The link to the online form may be gotten here
  3. State clearly the complainant’s full name, contact address and telephone numbers;
  4. Attach copies (never originals) of all relevant documents such as flight tickets, baggage tags, airway bills etc, depending on what the complaint is all about;
  5. Be prepared to supply all further information and/or attend meetings that may become necessary in the course of investigation;
  6. Address the complaint to the Director General of NCAA, attention the Director Consumer Protection
  7. Drop the complaint (Hard Copy) in any CONSUMER PROTECTION cubicle, complaint/ suggestion box or NCAA office or on-line at
  8. The issue will be investigated and the complainant will be given feedback as the investigation goes on. Tripartite meetings will be held between all parties involved.
  9. Please note that irrespective of the findings or involvement of CONSUMER PROTECTION in a complaint, the parties are free to seek further redress by legal or other appropriate means. It does not bar the passenger from filing an action in court.

Good Luck

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