A boil is an inflamed swelling on the skin which starts in the hair follicle or oil gland and contains pus. It starts with a reddish looking lump which increases in size, is painful and within a few days, pus is formed in the

Boils can appear on the eyelid, armpit, face, chest, shoulder and buttocks. They are caused by a bacteria called staphylococcal. If you live under unhygienic conditions, you can be susceptible to boils. You can have boils when
bacteria enter into the skin through cuts.

Some health problems also make people prone to skin infections like boils. These include diabetes, poor immune system, bad hygienic habit and poor nutrition.

Symptoms of Boils include the following:

1. It starts with a reddish lump

2. The lump grows bigger and softer

3. Pus forms in the lump and eventually drains or oozes out.

You will need to see a doctor if you develop a high fever, the pus does not
drain, you are having serious pains, you are diabetic or you have a poor immune

Treatment of Boils.

Antibiotics are used in the treatment of boils but generally, it can be treated with simple home remedies without you having to seek medical treatment.

To treat your boil at home, squeeze out a towel soaked in warm water and apply it on the boil three times a day. This will help the boil become softer and drain on time. Make sure you don’t pierce the boil yourself as this could make
the infection spread.

When the boil drains, clean it regularly with anti-bacterial soap and apply an antibiotic ointment until the skin fully heals.

You can prevent boils by maintaining a good personal hygiene all the time.

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