What do you regard as most important in this life? Is it your academic pursuit?, wealth?, a good husband?, a good wife?, a luxurious house?, a posh ride or fleets of latest model cars?, a booming business with branches all over the world? A cool and well paid...

How to accept Jesus Christ & be Born Again (John 3:3)

The LORD says: come now, let us settle the matter, Even though your sins are stained as red. I will wash you as clean as snow. Your stains are deep red you will wash you be as white as wool (Isaiah. 1:18); ; How wonderful and beautiful it is to get a great offer...

Why is it important to address God as 'Father'?

FOR READING & MEDITATION – Luke 11:1-13 Considering the opening words of Jesus prayer in John 17, and the prayer constructed for His disciples in Luke 11. The word ‘Father’ appears at the beginning of both prayers. Our Lord not only taught His...

I Still Love You

I still Love you is a message from Jesus Christ to You! When you woke-up this morning, I was already there with you in the light of my Beautiful Sunshine that filled your Room, I was hoping you would say good morning to me, but you did not. So I thought it was too...
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