How Do I register ?

CapableX W are currently handpicked, once you’re qualified, you’ll be contacted. This is a type of job activities that does not require your physical presence. 

What are things required of me ?

1. Login at least once a day to account that shall be created for you
2. Keep your account login details safe from unauthorised usage
3. Do at least 3 out of the jobs you see in your account weekly
4.  Put your best in the projects you worked on and submitted
5. DO NOT use design asset and images you don’t have full right to use
6. Cross check your spellings
7. Be professional

Will I be evicted from CapableX W ?

Yes, if:
1. You have not done any out of the jobs you saw in your account the whole week
2.  We notice your submissions are not quality enough or professionally crafted.
5. You use design asset and images you don’t have full right to use
6. If you get any CapableX W or client in trouble for using materials you didn’t verify if you have right to use in the projects you ‘ll submit
6. You always have errors in your spellings
7. You do not practice professionalism
8. If you have done and submitted up to 40 projects and the clients didn’t approve any out of your 40 submissions.

How do I get paid?

We currently pay CapableXW using a commission system called “Fair Wage”  

Each of  the jobs that shall be sent into your account shall have two price tags.
Price 1: The price you’ll be paid once client approves the project you submitted
Price 2: The price you’ll be paid if the client did not approve the project you submitted

You can request for withdraw once your earnings are up to USD 50 or it’s equivalents in the currency you have in your account such as Naira, Kesh and etc.

We currently have two payment methods to withdraw your earnings, if you don’t have an account with the payment processors we use, consider opening one now below.
1. Flutterwave Register Here
2. Payoneer Register Here

When I'm I expected to submit a given project?

Every project you’ll see in your account has deadline attached to it, you’re expected to submit before the deadline so the team can review your submission before client sees it.

If you still have any question, click on the WhatsApp icon floating below to contact SunMyke for any clarification.

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