This will come as good news to a lot of people as well as
leave them quite relieved as it is now possible to find your phone with a
Google search.

The only snag or down side with this news is that it does not
apply to all phones but only Android phones. Despite this fact, it is still a
good innovation to have.


If you find yourself in a situation where you have to find
your phone, what you do is to get on to Google and type the words “find my
phone”, when this is done the search results that will come up first will show
you where your phone is.

This method can help you locate your phone within a certain
distance.  There is still a way to get a
better way of locating your phone as Google offers the option of ringing your
phone as this can help you better in knowing where your phone is situated.

For this innovation to work you need to have the recent
version of the Google app on your Android phone before it works.

For other functions to work like locking or wiping your phone
you will need to download the Android Device Manager software which in the past
was the way to find a phone before this recent innovation .

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