Most of us have been told that we don’t have much control over our intelligence. That every person has been dealt his share at birth and that effort to improve it was a waste. I beg you to disapprove any such knowledge that you have had.

Intelligence can be improved. I have improved mine and that of others in simple ways and I am very sure that anybody can improve his intelligence too.

You see most of us get scared when we confront things that are unknown to us and we get intimidated when we come across challenges that are huge at initial glance. We then decide to just go back into our shell and remain there for comfort. But as a lesson from the snail, if you have to move forward in life, you have to tick your head out and face dangers.

Albert Einstein stated in his journal that “One should not pursue goals that are easily achieved. One must develop an instinct for what one can just barely achieve through one’s greatest efforts.” In other word, you must learn to take on challenges that you know you cannot complete and that if you are even going to make the tiniest amount of success in it, it should be through your best effort.

You want analytical intelligence but are very scared of math, then decide to get an A in calculus and dedicate your time to making this possible. You are broke and you want to be financially intelligent? Then decide to create a hundred million dollar company today. Spend your time thinking about products and solutions that are worth a hundred million dollar and what if you fail? You will have met a number of interesting people who are going somewhere in life. You may even find love because women can smell determination and they’ll fall for that like flies.

By dedicating just one hour a day to the pursuit, study and understanding of whatever you choose to do today, you will have added immerse value to your life by year end!

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