Part 3  

 Continued from part 2….


Nutritional   Detoxification Programme

A healthy body   is an interplay  between diets and ones nutritional behaviour, in the same vein detoxification takes its course along this interplay. As different organs are involved in the bodies detoxification  exercise, so also the approaches  employed in nutritional detoxification . Therefore understanding the functions of each of these organs is very mandatory.



  1. SKIN

The skin   is the coat that protects the body from   water and important mineral loss. It   also contributes   largely in body detoxification through its discharge of toxic substances   from the body in the form of sweat. The skin excretes such as DDT, heavy metals and lead through sweat. It is important   to state that activities that enhances continuous opening of the sweat pore on the skin also encourages body detoxification programme.


  1. LIVER

The   liver filters blood and makes it free from germs. Thus this blood could only be said to be sterile if the liver is healthy. In a nutshell all drugs are said to be poison to the body if not for detoxification of the liver it neutralises the harmful components of the drugs and allows the active metabolites to go into the body to fight germs. Liver secrets bile which gets rid of cholesterol , haemoglobin breakdown products and extra calcium. Therefore, a healthy liver, could be said to be   the healthy you.

Your liver has many other functions, such as storing the vitamins, so necessary to the production of red blood cells by the marrow within the bones. Your liver also takes the amino acids that come from the digestive tract and puts them together again to form important proteins such as albumin, globulin, fibrinogen, all of which are necessary in maintain the vitality of the body.

One important by-product of all the endless activity within the liver is the substance known as bile. This   remarkable liquid is needed in the absorption of fat.



Intestine or bowel is like the sewage tank of the body all manner of germs that enter the body through the mouth find expression in the bowel. These germs   produce all kinds of toxins which are discharged through the  faeces as fat soluble toxins excreted in the bile. Therefore maintain a good bowel habit as a major element in bowel detoxification exercise. One of the major ways of maintain a healthy  intestine is by making sure that one empties his bowel at least twice daily to get rid of toxins in  the bowel, otherwise the waste in the intestine will go to poison other parts of the body organs.

Another consequence of not emptying the bowel properly is that it can cause mouth odour. Similarly most mouth odours are caused by failure to empty the bowel as at when due.

To be continued….

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