Part 1

Menopause and ageing are not in themselves evil oriented rather natural courses of life. It is however important they come at the most safe period. Early menopause or ageing should not be a dream of any woman who wishes to maintain unity in her marriage especially as it regards societal challenges.

It is practically possible for you to regulate your ageing time table. To achieve this as a black woman, you must accept responsibility on the followings:

  1. Fresh renewal of your mind and orientation:
    Some Africans women mental orientation for healthy living is poor, little wonder’ Africa is one of the continent that takes the lead as a jungle for all manner of sickness and diseases. It is regrettable that a woman could borrow to buy clothes and gold worth over 100,000 ngn, in order to show off in an occasion but on mentioning of 5,000ngn to improve her quality of health, all manner of exhibition of insufficiency would be manifested, Jesus said to the Pharisees , “you wash the outside of the cups and dishes while the inside is full with rubbish” I’ll say: do vice versa.

Most Africans are like those Pharisees because they are far to see good health. Therefore before you make progress in gaining time before menopause and ageing catch up with you , you most love your health above wears and also be ready to spend for it, though quality health is not free it involves discipline and attitude. You most consciously and cautiously maintain healthy living.

I had at friend who bought gold necklace worth 120,000 ngn but never took time to check her medical fitness. Soon after she became ill, unable to walk a long distance or climb the staircase without panting. She was then tested of diabetes and heart failure secondary to the neglected hypertension, after been admitted in hospital for two weeks she got back home apparently healthy.

Think about this and think about the mass of women with such awkward mentality. You must change your health orientation if you ever wish to see quality and pain-free ageing.

It is quite ridiculous that many Africans may be celebrating their 80th birthday but by quality of health assessment they died 30 years earlier, I pray that this would not be your portion. Please note that amen to this prayer is not by faith but taking practical steps towards improving the quality of your health.

Give priority to your health if you dream of averting early ageing frustration you must be ready to give ultimate priority to your health. A wise man said ; people “squander their health in search for money when they find it, they squander their wealth in search of health” if you belong to this class of individuals which well represented in some African perspective, you should realise today that health devastating ageing awaits you sooner or later.

I always like to emphasis this fact because of some misconception that have left many people’s health in danger. Quite unlike in Europe and in America where it’s beloved people can’t pay for the services of a doctor having routine medical checks. In Nigeria, regrettably people have the misconception that you must be financially prepared before you think of seeing the doctor, please that is not true, if you’re a doubter, just give a call to an appropriate health service home and you’ll have your health doctor on the platter of gold, it is as free as just having a relationship.

You should always have the right perception in life. Nothing spent on your health is a waste, don’t forget you don’t need all things to enjoy life , if you fail to service your car, the engine might knock of course you know when such happens, you must be compelled to spend more than the repair of the car.

To be continued….

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