Hair dries out during normal day to day activities, therefore, steaming is important to replenish moisture back into the hair. Steaming entails using moist air on the hair. During this process, a humid environment is created for the hair which enables it to get moisture. Steaming is beneficial to the hair in the following ways:

Health Benefit of Steaming to the Hair.

1. It helps the hair to retain more moisture as the sun and wind are capable of drying out hair easily.

2. It strengthens the hair and gives it elasticity. This is important for styling and growing the hair long.

3. The hair cuticle gets lifted which enables treatments to penetrate into the hair shaft.

4. For those with natural hair, steaming enhances the natural curl pattern of the hair.

5. Hair breakage is reduced with regular steaming, hence leaving dry hair looking supple and hydrated.

6. Since the hair is hydrated by steaming, there is less shrinkage and tangling. The hair is also easier to detangle and you can have reduced breakage.

7. Steaming cleans the scalp which makes it healthy and promotes hair growth. It also stimulates flow of blood in the scalp which is important for hair growth.

8. It adds moisture to the hair without you having to wet your hair in the morning and night to avoid getting a cold.

Steaming is important for healthier looking hair, as it makes hair retain moisture and leaves it softer. Incorporate it into your hair care regime once a week and you will begin to see a difference in the texture of your hair.

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