The biggest mistake you will make in your life as a youth will be birth a child you do not want. Some of the most annoying people I have met are people who say that they are teenage parents and are not ashamed of the mistakes they have made. Or those people who always blame their partners or children as reasons behind their lack of education or lack of general progress.  They are annoying because they chose to glory in their laziness, indolence and stupidity.

While an individual’s past does not determine his future and everybody is really prone to mistakes, it is necessary to note that a young person who has any value for himself will dedicate time to study the world around him, study himself and find the place that he is supposed to fill in the world (see Before you begin your sex life [3] for more on this). People who do not do this are lazy people who do not want to put in any work to the betterment of their lives and the lives of the people around them.

I get more furious when I meet young women, rather girls, who would tell you stories of how they bore children-outside of wedlock  to men who don’t even care to know how the children are fairing. I wonder if they want my sympathy or something else but I am sure that sympathy cannot help them. What they need is for someone to whip into their heads the truth that they and they alone were the architect of their demise.

Women had always lived with the consequences of the wrong choices they make. This has happened from time when humankind existed in a
state of nature. Men who only wanted to spread their genes far and wide would consummate with them and leave them to worry about their pregnancy.

But with the history we have at our disposal and the increase in knowledge in the 21st century it is out rightly dumb to hear men say they didn’t know that a woman can get pregnant from a single encounter and even dumber is to hear women blame men for their unwanted pregnancies.

If you cannot do anything for yourself as a woman of this new world, please learn your cycle: Know when you can and will get pregnant if
you have sex and when you cannot.  Study the days of your menstruation and know what happens after it. This singular knowledge will keep you away from birthing kids that you are going to blame for
being reasons for your demise.

As a young man of the new world, you should bear in mind that our roles as men are becoming more and more feminized. You should know the signs of a woman in heat. You should also be able to initiate conversations about these things because they also affect you. Beside, like we established in a previous article in this series, talking about these feminine vulnerabilities with your mate would ensure you a more mind-blowing sex

So we should all gain a thorough understanding of the female menstrual cycle before we begin our sex lives.

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