As man broke all the barriers that nature had set for him and began advancing in technology and achievements, his sexual appetite grew along. Today, sex is more than just the union of two people of opposite gender for physical pleasure and emotional satisfaction. It is now the union of two or more people irrespective of gender and has even come to include a union with animals.

As a result, sex in the 21st century has become a major driver for disease transmission and has indirectly become the second preventable killer of young adults-only behind drugs. Consequently, a major pre-requisite for your sexual debut is an understanding of the diseases and infections you can get from a sexual intercourse and their patterns.

Each sexual encounter-even those that are referred to as safe ones- carries with it a risk for transmission of an STI or some incurable syndrome. Each of the infections can further affect your fertility or your ability to procreate depending on the nature and severity of the infection. It is impossible to explain the various types of infections and their patterns in a five hundred word article but it is noteworthy that these infections have a far reaching effect than what you have been made to believe.

Among some of the infections one can get from a single sexual encounter are toilet disease, gonorrhea, syphilis, staphylococcus, vaginal and penile warts, HIV, etc. All of these infections are treatable but not all are curable. Even the curable ones often leave long lingering side effect that you may only notice when you want to reproduce. To get a sense of
how unpleasant these infections are, google up some images about them and see how unpleasant they can get.

It is important to get a brief understanding of each of them: what causes them, how they affect your body, their initial symptoms, prevention, treatment and any other information that may interest you. This will help you know how to keep yourself safe and to recognize them when you eventually encounter them besides, it will help you become a good care-giver to anyone who is suffering from these conditions.

A fundamental understanding of STI and their patterns is a very important knowledge to have before you begin considering a sexual debut.


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