Considering the fact that for every time a person have sex he bare his body and physical insecurities to another person alongside with his mind, consciousness and his soul, the defining element of an individual- it is recommended that before you begin your sex life you should know thyself!

When a baby is born, he comes into the world with a clenched fist. Superstition believes that in his fist, are his abilities and the responsibilities he has to attain his God given destiny. This means that we are all responsible for how our lives turn out to be.

OurSexual intercause primary obligation in life is to ourselves and not to our community or our families. We are supposed to first find and actualize ourselves before we start giving to our families and to the community around us but these days, people rush to give themselves to others when they don’t even know themselves.

The most disturbing experience of my life is the encountering of a teenager from Jos. Laraba, though a student of a secondary school in Jos can barely read or write English but went on to get pregnant for a university medical student with the hope of keeping his attention. Needless to say that he abandoned her with the pregnancy and since the birth of the child; she has got to do the oddest of jobs to just survive.

The point here is this: Laraba did not take the time to discover herself and the space she needed to fill in life. She did not inquire upon the purpose of her creation neither did she make plans to better herself. Rather, she was quick to get naked and have sex- and when she noticed that the sex isn’t appealing to her boyfriend anymore, she went on to get pregnant hoping to keep him interested in her but even that didn’t work.

Our souls don’t need an orgasm, it needs faith and companionship. Our minds don’t need the moaning we do when we have sex. It needs intelligent and challenging conversations.  Our consciousness desires growth and improvement. These are things we can only get and give if we know ourselves and our desired destinations in life.

So whether sex means adventure, sport or a means to an end to you, knowledge of yourself will help you find more fulfilling partners and build a more enjoyable and enduring sex life.


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