When you discovered a better definition for sex !

I know you have heard people say “Sex was created by God to be enjoyed only in marriage” and I know you have also heard the libertine line that “if there was a proposed time for sex, your urges will not come until that time”. But this is your life and of course your body so I will not prescribe to you how to live your life or use your body. Nonetheless, since you are going to be having sex, I think it is necessary, at the very basics, to elucidate you on what sex means.

Yes! The kissing, the smooching, the stroking, the licking and the other things that we do when we have sex must mean something else, otherwise, we wouldn’t do them. Moreover, no other animal does all of these things except humans. Doing certain things as humans while making love means we have “something else” in us, other than the basic instincts that we involve in during sexual intercause. That “something else”, my friend, is our souls, our consciousness and our minds.

At different points in our lives, our souls, minds and consciousness perceive things differently. As a child the world was totally dependent for us. That is, we relied on other people for everything. Then puberty came and we saw the world as a playground. We wanted independence-to do and undo at will and to make mistakes of our own. As we grow older, we begin to value inter-dependence. We work with others to achieve sustainable and profitable partnerships.

In the same way, sex means different things to different people. Our perception of sex is also as dynamic as our perception of life. Nevertheless, it doesn’t change with age but with exposure and with a more profound understanding of our major definite purpose.

To some people, sex is just an adventure: they want to find out more about it. They want to try different things in different ways and maybe, with different people. They are less concerned about connections, patterns, satisfaction and the fulfillment it can bring.

To others, sex is a tool for exploitation: they find partners that they could manipulate with sex. They use sex as a means to an end. They could demand money or other favors for sex.

To some other people sex is a just sport: they find partners, have sex with them and when it is over, it is over. Others use sex for recreation. They hump their mates with the hope that this will be the golden shot that produces children

To some others, sex is a medium for expressing deeply seated feelings of love and appreciation. They have sex to tell the other person how much they value him/her and how much they would like to see him satisfied. The more sex this people have, the closer they become.

Looking at all the things you put out there when you have sex, things like your body, your mind, your soul and your consciousness, what
will you like sex to mean to you? Isn’t it worth taking time to observe and absorb the examples around you of people who have been ‘burnt’ by sex?

I trust you know the right answer!


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